Riverside News


News not really, but it’s somethin’ to look at 

Riv. Quote: Summer vacation, where you drink triple, see double and act single.

 Paraprosdokian: I never said it was your fault, I was just blaming you.

You want a really nice boat, well have I got a deal for you,,,, 2001 18.5 ft scout with 100 4 stroke Yamaha, bimini top, stereo, all equipment and trailer….8500 bucks, ask Jamie

We have an awesome new BURGER, it’s The Riverside Rogue. Our great burger with cheddar perogies, cheddar cheese, fried onions and bacon bits with a little mustard. For your burger indulgence.

Alcohol never solves any problems, neither does milk…so keep drinkin the Camerons at The Riv. Of course.

Don’t forget about our great homemade pizza.mmmmmmmmm

Our Free Tesla charging station is at the side of the building

Like our tunes, if you have spotify I will send a playlist or 2. just give your server your e-mail address and kabam you have new tunes.j

A boy was at the zoo with his father watching the tigers and was telling him how dangerous they are….daddy if the tigers got out and ate you…….yes son, the father said……..which bus do I take to go home?

Summer is here, ahhhh cocktails by the lake, the RIV, boating, friends, relatives, too many drinks too early in the day, hey wait a minute, i think i have forgotten this before. Oh, bring your skates, just in case.

Have a great day from Margy, Jamie and all the team here at the   Riverside, oh yeah, Penelope and Karl the Kat as well.