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News not really, but it’s somethin’ to look at

Riv. Quote: Remember—today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

Paraprosdokian: 9 out of 10 times I lose something…… it’s because I put it away.

Check out our Tesla charger at the side of the restaurant. Oh yeah and it’s free.

Summer is right around the bend, how do we know. Cause we had 8 Audi 8s in our parking lot this weekend and boy did they ever sound shall I say……. sexy baby.

An associate producer is the only person in Hollywood who will associate with a producer.

You know what….I don’t think kathleen wynne is stupid, nope, I think the Ontario little Liberal darling has lost her way, soul, mind….well you get it. bye bye wynne the leafs need a caddy.

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Don’t forget that we will send you a play list through spotify if you like. Just give us your e-mail and we will send it to you.

Hey, if you see incoreckt spelling it’s cause I left it there.

Book now for Mothers Day as we will be full. Mom desserves it, right?

Summer is around the bend so get ready for some cocktails on the dock, summer tunes, friends, Riverside, boating  jeeeeez I think I’ve had a couple too many pops so let’s start from the top…..Summer is ar……

Have a great day from Margy, Jamie and all the team here at the     

Riverside, oh yeah, Lewis, Lilly and Karl the Kat as well