Riverside News


News not really, but it’s somethin’ to look at

Riv. Quote:  Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence, second marriage is triumph of hope over experience.                 

Paraprosdokian: I was going to wear my camouflage shirt today….but I couldn’t find it.  

TUESDAY NITE IS STEAK NITE for 22 bucks and Wednesday is SENIOR SCHNITZEL NITE for 12 bucks…..enjoy.

Let’s talk Rink, well it’s ah open every day till around 10 pm, so get off the couch, get your blades sharpened, and let’s go skatin’.

Valentines Day is coming real fast, so don’t forget to give us a call, we are going to have our regular menu plus Surf and Turf ,12 oz Striploin and a Rack of Lamb. Plus zeeee ladies get a flower. Guy’s we have you covered.

Sober or not, if a cop pulled me over and asked me to say the alphabet backwards, I’m just going to put myself into the backseat of the cruiser.

Once again this winter we are closed Mondays except for Family Day till April 1, (no foolin’)

If tomatoes are a fruit, then I guess ketchup would be a smoothie.

Our Tesla charging station is at the side of the building.

Let’s talk Pizza, why cause we have like really good pizza made with caputo flour and our tomato sauce is from California.Yup that’s amore’

Have a great day from Margy, Jamie and all the team here at the Riverside, oh yeah, Lewis, Lilly and Karl the Kat as well