Riverside News


News not really, but it’s somethin’ to look at

Riv. Quote: A clean house is a sign of a wasted life, hire a cleaner.

Paraprosdokian: If everyone knew what I was thinking……I think I would be oh shall I say punched just a little.

Check out our Tesla charger at the side of the restaurant. Oh yeah and it’s free.

So let’s talk windows. Keep your pretty little paws off them,(ha, ha). They are a little finicky, that’s why we leave our blinds and windows where they are, thanks. And don’t get me started about the garbage bins in our parking lot, yeah they are for the restaurant…only.

An associate producer is the only person in Hollywood who will associate with a producer.

Go ahead have an American burger, why cause’ we ain’t chargin’ you any tariffs. For now.hhhhhabbbBNHhyhhhhHHH HHGHguguylwdghuiefgh efvbjcksbj

Trump is proof that there is no karma.

Don’t forget that we will send you a play list through spotify if you like. Just give us your e-mail and we will send it to you.

Dear math….please grow up and solve your own problems. I’m tired of doin’ it for yah.

Just think after this week only 2 weeks until the Ex opens up.

Summer is checkin out in a couple of weeks, so it’s time to tell yah about steak nite…on Tuesday and senior schnitzel nite is on Wednesday, they both start at noon and begin the first week of October.

Have a great day from Margy, Jamie and all the team here at the     

Riverside, oh yeah, Lewis, Lilly and Karl the Kat as well